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A Look at Humane Methods of Ridding Yourself of Moles

posted on 28 June 2014 | posted in Tips

OK, pests are pests - but it doesn't mean we wish them harm - we merely want them out of our gardens, houses and lives in general. And so the popularity of humane methods of eradicating pests has risen in recent years. Many people are actively seeking out such methods of pest control, rather than simply seeking to kill the pests that blight their lives.

moletrapWe sell our own Humane Mole Trap - this product doesn't harm moles at all. All you need to do is:-
  • Simply unearth a mole tunnel which are easy to find as they lead from molehills
  • Place the Humane Mole Trap in the 'run"
  • Gently recover with soil
  • Moles can enter from either end of the trap. Check regularly for a successful live catch
  • These traps do not need setting and there is a view panel to identify a catch
Such a trap does the same job as more lethal (to moles) methods.


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