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Sometimes You Learn the Hard Way About Mole Problems

posted on 15 June 2012 | posted in Pest Control News

Just as the title says, sometimes you only realise you have a problem when it's right there in front of you. We woke up one morning to find two molehills in our garden. It's a horrible site when you're an avid gardener like me. I got in a panic, thinking about all the little mole tunnels under my beautiful garden, and I admit the next night was pretty sleepless. My fears were realised when a 3rd molehill appeared, and I went into action and asked around the neighbours to see if they had a similar problem and what they did about it. The response was positive - they had a mole problem, but they were able to kick these little critters to the curb with mole repellent granules, and one neighbour even had some for us to try out. We sorted out our lawn and placed the repellents strategically around the garden. Thankfully that was the last we saw of those moles.

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