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Sonic Sound Mole Repeller

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Sonic Sound Mole Repeller for repelling, deterring and getting rid of garden moles. This *chaser* is an effective, humane method to eradicate a problem with garden moles that are making a mess of your lawn or your flower borders by creating molehills and mole tunnels.

* Easy to use, simply place the unit in the ground near or in a molehill

* Covers up to 10.750 square feet - 1000 square metres

* Emits a 5 second sonic sound vibration into the ground every 55 seconds which disturbs garden moles and drives them away

* 2 x D type batteries power this unit

You will have effective garden mole control with this Sonic Sound Mole Repeller that is inaudible to humans and children and will not effect pets such as dogs, cats, fish or birds.

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