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Solar Power Mole Repeller

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Solar Power Mole Repeller is an eco friendly method to repel, deter and get rid of garden moles. This advanced mole chaser does not need electric or battery power.

Simply place the Solar Power Mole Repeller in the ground near to a molehill for fast action garden moles removal and elimination. The vibrating sonic sound waves emitted from the unit will disturb moles and drive them away.

* Covers an area of up to 7500 sq.ft

* Will work even on dull or overcast days

* Emits a sonic sound wave every 15 to 20 seconds

* Inaudible
to humans, children or animals such as cats, dogs, fish or birds

Our Solar Power Mole Repeller is an effective, humane and totally environmentally friendly method of garden mole pest control.

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