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Duffus Mole Trap

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Duffus Mole Traps offer a traditional method of catching and killing problem garden moles. These traps are also known as *Tunnel* or *Half Barrrel Mole Traps*.

Easy to set, a trap is placed in each mole tunnel which are found leading from a molehill. Simply unearth a tunnel, place the 2 x killing loops to the bottom of the mole run and gently backfill with soil.

The Duffus Mole Trap is fully spring loaded and once a mole passes through the loops it snaps upwards killing the mole.

* Made of rust proof galvanised steel

* Full instructions on how to use these traps are included

Duffus Mole Traps are widely used by profesional pest control companies and professional mole catchers.

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